My task was to create a ring or group of rings using gold and silver engagement and weddings rings and their diamonds. After our initial discussion, we went along the route of creating a suite of wavy rings which could be stacked together using claw settings to allow as much light as possible to the diamonds.

Once the gold and silver was melted down, it was then rolled out into square wire which could be turned into rings and pressed into a wavy shape. The next process was to create the settings.

The remaining wire was drawn down further into round wire thin enough to create the claws of the settings. I used a jig shown in the photo above to do this.

Once all the rings and claw settings were made I could then solder it all together, hallmark the rings, polish and finally set the diamonds.

I chose not to rhodium plate the white gold as this left a lovely off white variation which complimented the yellow gold and silver with a soft gradient of white to yellow.


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