9ct White Gold Ruby Bangle and Pendant

9ct White Gold Ruby Bangle and Pendant

9ct White Gold Ruby Bangle and Pendant

The 9ct white gold ruby pendant and bangle:

This matching 9ct white gold ruby bangle and pendant had been made as a Birthday present. Inspired by the sea, I created these organic swirling pieces rub over set with oval faceted rubies.

How it was made:

The bangle was made turning gold wire into 3 bangles which were soldered and formed into waves. These were then polished and soldered together. The rub over settings were made to fit each ruby perfectly which were also soldered to the bangle. The gems could then be set into the bangle. The pendant was made using CAD RhinoGold and cast into the 9ct white metal. The sprue needed removing and the piece could be cleaned up using fine polishing threads. These rubies were then set.

I would just like to thank you so much for the beautiful bangle and necklace you created for my 40th. I was totally shocked and surprised? I had no idea M had been sneaking around and have been blown away by how fabulous they are. You are one very talented lady and I am a totally spoiled one. Thank you!

A King

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