Smog The Silver, 18ct Gold, Tanzanite & Diamond Dragon Necklace

Oct 29, 2017

Silver, 18ct Gold, Tanzanite & Diamond Dragon Necklace:

This beautiful pendant began its story as a selection of gemstones that have been given as a gift from a friend. After a discussion of the type of jewellery styles and themes some sketches of some dragons, as well as some dragonflies began. All would be statement pieces using a number of the tanzanites, citrines, and diamonds.

The dragon designs looked quite whimsical and the chosen design was handmade in sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold with tanzanites in the wings, diamonds in the body and a citrine in the gold firey flame.


How was the silver dragon pendant made:

From the beginnings of a conversation and a few sketches, some CAD designs were created. The settings for the tanzanites were made using silver firstly. Sawing and filing many grooves into the square wire and soldering together I created the outline of the wings and body. Once all soldered together some shape was given to the wings using a doming punch from the reverse side and filing and sawing from the front to make it look more delicate. All of the settings were soldered onto the wings and body (this was exactly like a game of operation with a shaky hand and tiny tweezers) and it was ready to be set, polished and placed in a nice big wooden box. My stone setter also decided to call him smog!

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