Moroccan Inspired Pendant & Ring

The 9ct yellow gold Moroccan inspired sapphire pendant & ring:

This matching 9ct yellow gold pendant and ring set with sapphires and diamonds had been made as a Christmas gift. Inspired by Moroccan architecture these 2 complementing pieces were designed. Each piece was set with a large blue sapphire to pick out the colour often used in Marrakech’s Morjarelle¬†Gardens flower pots.

How it was made:

Each of these pieces were designed using CAD software ArtCam Jewelsmith. Once the designs were completed on the CAD program I was able to have each piece printed and cast in 9ct yellow gold. The pendant and ring could then be cleaned up using files, emery paper and finally polishing. It is at this point the sapphires could be flush set into each piece and the diamonds grain set.

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