Handcrafted Platinum Diamond Eternity Ring

Sep 18, 2017

Handcrafted Platinum Diamond Eternity Ring:

This platinum eternity ring set with tiny diamonds was designed to be delicate and comfortable when worn. Each diamond is held securely by 4 claws on each side


How this platinum diamond eternity ring was made:

The ring was carefully carved in wax using a jewellers saw (piercing saw) and files of various sizes to create the shape needed. From the solid block of wax, the desired ring shape can be created with patience. I often using hot water and some pumice powder at the end to get a really good finish at the end. The better the finish the wax can be the better the platinum casting result you will get.

Once it is cast in platinum the process of polishing begins using files, abrasive papers and polishing mops. The ring is sent to the assay office to be hallmarked.  It is at this stage the diamonds are placed around the ring. The ring is drilled and the claws carved to allow the diamonds to be captured within the platinum eternity ring.

A final polish and the ring is so sparkly!

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