Silver and 18ct Gold Chinese Brooch

Mar 26, 2016

Silver & 18ct Yellow Gold Chinese Brooch:

This Chinese style Brooch was created as a diamond wedding anniversary gift. Inspired by the clients love of traditional Chinese art it was decided to base the design on 2 dragons. In keeping with typical Chinese colours I chose to oxidise the silver black whilst using the rich colour of 18ct yellow gold and a green cabochon jade stone.

How it was made:

The Brooch design was firstly cut out using a laser cutting, this took many hours. Once the design had been cut out I could then start to shape the silver to a dome. The next stage was to then create the 18ct yellow gold setting and solder this onto the silver Chinese brooch and make the gold border. The silver could then be oxidised black before attaching the 18ct gold border using a laser welder, attaching the brooch findings and setting the jade stone.

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