Rainbow Pendant for NHS Charities Together

This sterling silver rainbow pendant was made in my attempt to raise money for keyworkers during the Covid 19 pandemic. 30% of all rainbow pendant sales will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

15mm high x 19mm wide sterling silver pendant
18-inch sterling silver chain
5-6week delivery time
free UK delivery


I’ve been wanting to contribute to Covid 19 relief aid in my own little way. I can’t knit or sew functional headgear to relieve sore ears, or produce PPE. I can, however, design rainbow pendants.
The rainbow has become a strong symbol synonymous with our united effort to support our key workers, risking their own health in a fight against the Corona Virus. I’m hoping they will become gifts to key workers, a reminder of a battle won or a celebration of a loved one’s life.
I will be donating 30% from all orders to NHS Charities Together who are currently raising money for our wonderful NHS and the COVID-19 urgent appeal. These pendants are yet to be made and will take me 5-6 weeks to produce.
These pendants will retail for £50 each including UK recorded delivery.
The sterling silver pendant hangs from an 18 inch chain. They can also be laser engraved on the reverse at an extra cost.


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